Fit For Change was founded in 2011 with all programs designed and instructed by Holly. Holly is passionate about health and fitness with 25 years of experience training and competing in the Fitness industry.
Holly’s past experience training for fitness competitions has not only won her many awards, such as: Miss San Jose CA, Miss Monterey, Miss Hawaiian Tropic, but has prepared her to be one of the best trainers in the business.
Specializing in group exercise training, Holly has a gift to teach form while having fun. The results are quick and being committed is easy since the class time goes by fast as Holly walks you through the workout.
Since building many classes of almost 400 committed students in California, Holly has brought her passion to Canada and founded Fit For Change to continue sharing her gift through Spinning, Cardio Cross Fit and Body Build & Tone classes at Fit For Change Fitness Club in Chilliwack.

Fit For Change is focused on 4 Pillars to Success

Fun is key. Entering into a workout that is educational and fun makes all the difference. When you are having fun, exercise is exciting and the time goes by fast. Most importantly, when you are having fun, change comes easier and the results build momentum. So many people relate negative feelings to “working out” and it really does feel like work. When you come to Holly’s classes, you are guaranteed to be in a fun loving environment that will let you enjoy exercise and look forward to every class!

Focusing on form and isolating muscles is imperative to getting the right results. Without focus on form, many people struggle to get results initially and find it very difficult to maintain progress and almost impossible to completely achieve their goals. Focusing on form and isolating each muscle with Holly’s techniques will ensure results and maintain the progress to meet your goals. As well the form Holly teaches will be engrained in you until it becomes second nature and this is key to ensure good habits that will not cause injuries!

You enjoy life when you are fit. Being healthy and fit has a compelling snowball effect that builds momentum in many facets of your life. Once you start to get fit, you have more energy, stamina, endurance, confidence, etc. When you are fit, the positive effects overflow to so many other areas of your life that help in a positive way!

Being healthy and fit ensures you are investing in your future. This is key to keep your body young and independent regardless of age. You will be excited about your future when you have a strong healthy body.  No one can take away from you a strong body and mind!