Fusion blends different fitness moves by fusing different styles within a variety of disciplines for a more complete low-impact workout. Fusion combines 4 separate facets of fitness (cardio, gliding, kickboxing and flexibility), including targeted workouts to build, shape and tone specific muscle groups to create a lean, firm, sculpted and toned body. Gliding discs add a new dimension to the workout, and can take body sculpting, balance and cardio to a whole new level!


  • Holly
    0ver 25 years experience


  • Low-Impact
  • Great mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercise
  • Improved Balance
  • Toned and strengthened core

Pricing Plan

  • Adult Unlimited
    $69.95 Per Month
  • Family Unlimited
    $49.95 Per Month
  • Punch Cards
    $55.95 -$99.95
  • First Class
  • Drop In