• Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    2018 is here and most people are making resolutions. Come down to Fit For Change and make real change while having fun. No resolution required…You will love it!

    From a beginner to a professional, Fit For Change Fitness Club has classes designed to meet your goals. You will learn form, get fit and build cardio with a trainer by your side every minute of the way.

    Common concerns people associate with working out:

    * Don’t like to work out! Working out seems like work!
    * Don’t know where to start or what to do!
    * Can’t get motivated or stick with it!
    * The workout drags and an hour seems like eternity!
    * The gym atmosphere can be uncomfortable and intimidating!
    * No real results or results take a long time and plateau!
    * Prone to injury and don’t know why! Form is everything when it comes to results!!!!
    * Prices are high and hiring a personal trainer is too expensive!

    We got that all these concerns covered! Come join us in 2018!

    Get Fit! Have Fun! Stay Fit!

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